Buddy the Miracle Beagle

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Buddy is a fighter And he needs your help.Happy Paws rescued Buddy from a Virginia shelter about 3 weeks ago. From what we understand, he is a former hunting dog. Skittish and shy, Buddy is a gentle spirit. He doesn’t ask for much in his foster home—food, love, and a soft place to lay his head.

On January 30, Buddy was spooked while out on a walk. He got out of his collar and took off. His foster parents spent 5 hours in the dead of night looking for him. Despite volunteers’ effort to find him in the coming days, there was no sign of Buddy. People we’ve never met helped to post flyers in the neighborhood and spread the word on Facebook. We finally heard of some sightings on the morning of February 1. Unfortunately, that night we received a call that Buddy had be found. He was hit by a train (or so we think based on the nature of his injuries.)

Buddy’s injuries are extensive. He lost his front left leg and sustained several other injuries in the accident. Miraculously he does not appear to have internal injuries. Buddy requires surgery on his leg and other parts of his body. However, Buddy is a fighter and is in good spirits.

As you can imagine, Buddy’s hospitalization and surgery are extremely costly. The initial night of hospitalization cost $1600, and the surgery estimate is $6900, so we are trying to raise $8500 to pay for Buddy’s medical needs.

Will you consider making a donation toward Buddy’s care using the ChipIn box below? Every dollar in Buddy’s fund will pay his vet bills. If your employer matches donations, please let us know and we will gladly provide any necessary information.

We have been touched by the outpouring of love for Buddy. Your support means everything to the people of Happy Paws Rescue, and mostly importantly, to Buddy. Many heartfelt thanks for your generosity and for helping see Buddy through to a recovery.

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