Star’s Heart Surgery

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Star’s shining personality and twinkling eyes let you know that she is one special beagle! This 8-month-old puppy was released from a biomedical research facility and, like Trooper, has been diagnosed with a medical condition known as persistent right aortic arch (PRAA.) Star has a blood vessel in her heart that is restricting her esophagus. She cannot eat solid food!  Many dogs with PRAA don’t survive after being weaned. Star is a true survivor, and her future is bright!

Star is scheduled for open-heart surgery in mid-February. We expect her to make a 100% recovery and be ready for adoption in mid-March. Star’s surgery and follow-ups will cost $4,000!

Happy Paws Rescue has made a steadfast commitment to saving beagles from research laboratories—77 to date! We would not allow for Star to be the exception because of her condition. Please consider donating toward her surgery.

Thank you for helping us see Star to the life she so deserves! Together we’re making a difference in the lives of animals.

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