Pennies-4-Paws to the Rescue!

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We can’t begin to tell you how we appreciative we are for a non-profit group called Pennies-4-Paws, Inc. Harnessing the power of social media, the kind folks behind P4P garner donations for animal-rescue causes. On some days, they raise money to donate kitty litter to shelters. On other days, they raise money for dogs with extenuating medical circumstances.

How lucky was Spirit to be one of those dogs? Within a 24-hour period, the generous supporters of Pennies-4-Paws donated $599 to Spirit’s medical bills! Our deepest gratitude to P4P and their donors for their kind and loving spirits.

That being said, hop on over to Facebook and “like” their Pennies-4-Paws page.

Spirit thanks you!

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