Pixie Needs Our Help!

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Good things come in small packages—and so it is with Pixie. This 6-month-old Chihuahua weighs just 2.5 pounds. She cuddles, gives kisses, and scatters Pixie dust wherever she goes. There’s just something magical about her.

When Pixie came to us, she had a broken front paw. X-rays revealed that four metacarpal bones were broken, and, as a result, her toes were all bent to the left. Extensive surgery would be required to pin the bones back in place.

Pixie had her surgery on November 10 and was released from the vet the following day. Her recovery will not be easy; she must be kept confined and calm for the next 2-3 months. But she’s in good hands in her foster home, and we’re confident that Pixie will heal beautifully.

Her surgery was costly—$2300 excluding follow-up visits, bandage changes at the vet’s office, and the regular medical care (spay, shots, and preventatives) that we provide for all of our animals. We would be extremely grateful if you could wave your wand and help us to offset the cost of this surgery. Your tax-deductible donations literally work magic. Together we save the lives of countless animals each year, including those with special medical needs like Pixie’s. To make a donation, please use Pixie’s ChipIn below or visit the ChipIn web page. We’ll post updates as Pixie heals and is ready for adoption. We sincerely appreciate your generosity and well wishes!

Happy Paws Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and New Jersey non-profit corporation dedicated to animal rescue and adoption. 

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