The Beagle’s Journey

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Retired research beagle, Dobi, adopted in 2012

When we rescue a dog, we have no idea where that dog’s journey will take us. We don’t know if he will be with us for a week or months. We don’t know what “surprises” are in store. And we dream about the wonderful supporters and loving adopters we know we’ll meet along the way.

A week from today, we’ll take in a male research beagle that has an undiagnosed medical condition. Based on what we’ve heard, we have an inkling that it might be PRAA, an abnormality of a blood vessel in the heart that constricts the esophagus. We know dogs that have undergone open-heart surgeries to repair this and have made 100% recoveries. The dog will, of course, see a vet as soon as he’s in our care, and we’ll provide updates when we know more about the diagnosis.

But for right now, all we know is that he has a reddish-tint to his coat and a squishy face. Right now, he has no name—just a number tattooed in blue on his ear. So right now, the first step in this dog’s journey is to give him a name.

Please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment to suggest a name. We’ll send all suggestions to his foster mom who will decide what to call this special beagle.

Thank you for taking this journey with us. If you’re willing to hold tight and come along for the ride, we have a feeling it will lead us somewhere good…

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