Trooper’s Surgery

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Trooper’s name suits him just right—he is quite the trooper. He is a purebred beagle that was released from a biomedical research facility on December 27 with an undiagnosed medical condition. Based on the information we were given prior to his release, we believe it is a rare condition called PRAA. In dogs with PRAA, a blood vessel in the heart causes a restriction in the esophagus. Dogs with PRAA have trouble eating solid food. In fact, many don’t survive after being weaned from their mother’s milk.

On December 28, a specialist from North Star Veterinary Emergency Trauma and Specialty Center reviewed Trooper’s medical tests and also believes it is PRAA. Trooper will go for a pre-surgical visit on December 31, and open-heart surgery will likely be scheduled for soon thereafter. We expect Trooper to make a 100% recovery and to be ready for adoption in about 2 months.

Happy Paws Rescue has made a steadfast commitment to saving beagles from research laboratories. We would not allow for Trooper to be the exception because of his medical condition. We know that his mother and siblings have dedicated their lives to the advancement of science.

We have yet not received an exact estimate for the surgery, but we believe it will cost at least $4,000. Every dollar you can contribute to the surgery will literally be life saving for Trooper. The ChipIn box is below. If, for some reason, the cost of his surgery is less than expected, all extra funds will be designated for the medical treatment of future research beagles.

Thank you again for joining us on Trooper’s journey. Together we are making a difference in the lives of animals. We just know that Trooper is going to pull through this, and he has you to thank.


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