Trooper’s Year

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On Thursday, a vet at North Star VETS will fix Trooper’s broken heart. After he recovers in a month or so, he will be adopted to a loving forever home. 2013 is going to be Trooper’s year—we can just feel it.

The vet will remove the blood vessel in Trooper’s heart that is restricting his esophagus. He’ll likely be in the hospital until Saturday or Sunday, but will then recover in his foster home. We expect that after a month or so he’ll be able to eat solid foods—something he has not been able to do before.

The estimate for the surgery and follow-ups is $4,000. As of January 9, generous supporters have donated about $2,300. Will you help us reach our goal by donating $20.13 in honor of Trooper’s year? Your support is literally live-saving. Thank you!

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