Donations Needed for Mr. Kitty’s Surgery

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We recently took in a cat named Mr. Kitty when his owner became sick and could no longer care for him. He’s a sweet and loving cat, but he has pain in one of his legs. The leg recently calloused and opened. We took Mr. Kitty to the vet where we were told that the leg should be removed in order for him to be relieved of the pain. (He will be able to get around just fine on 3 legs!) The vet estimates the surgery will be $700, including necessary bloodwork. We would appreciate any and all donations to help Mr. Kitty get back on his feet. Donations can be made using the Chip In below. Thank you! Click here to learn more about Mr. Kitty.

UPDATE (2/10): Mr. Kitty’s surgery went well, but he had to stay at the vet until Friday on pain medications. He is now resting comfortably in his foster home.

UPDATE (2/16): Mr. Kitty is making amazing progress. He’s able to jump up on the bed and chairs and seems to be getting around just fine!



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