Kymba, Adopted 5/2011

Kymba (Chow /Collie mix) is doing GREAT!!!!!! She has brought life back into our house. We made the right decision on adopting her May 21,2011. Our adoption happened so quickly and smoothly that we really had know time to puppy proof the house and she has found many things lost and just as many items that weren’t lost ;-) The curiosity of a puppy I had forgotten.

Kymba is spoiled ROTTEN and loving it. She has brought so much joy into our lives that only a toddler or puppy can do. She learned so much—give my paw, roll over (sometimes on command), sweet kisses, get your blanket and we’re working on give your baby (toy). We just celebrated her 1st birthday!  I’m starting to see the Collie in her (especially her hind quarters and tail). I’ve forwarded a few pictures from HOWL WEEN party we went to. Kymba and her puppy cousin, Sydney, are best friends and play until they drop from exhaustion, so we have play dates often.  They were both rescue puppies and so sweet, lovable, and psychotic all at the same time. I wouldn’t change a thing.