Liam, Adopted 8/2011

To our Friends at Happy Paws Rescue,

I wanted to write and update you on Liam (formerly Bear.)  When Liam came to us in August, he was so malnourished that his head looked too large for his body, almost as though he was a patchwork of two different dogs.  He would scarf down any and all food until he finally achieved a healthy weight.  His fur was a flat black and very patchy, with almost no fur to cover his underside.  By Christmas, the story was completely different.  His body filled out, making both head and torso look like they belonged together and his fur had grown in beautifully, taking on a wonderful shine and silkiness. I teach several piano lessons a week and students try to come early just to play with Liam before lessons.  He is such a friendly soul that even the most timid students feel comfortable around this fellow.  In fact, he was so good around people that in February, he began a new adventure.  We decided take the Therapy Dog test, which he happily passed in March.  We just received the paperwork and therapy dog tag and look forward to begin visiting patients at a nearby eldercare facility soon.  Liam’s favorite pastime is to play with his toys – he reminds us of a young child who carries around a blanket all the time but for Liam it is an un-stuffed rabbit. He also loves to play with other dogs and has made several neighborhood canine friends. Liam has become quite an integral part of our family and we thank you for being the intermediary that charted a new course for both his life and ours.


Marie and Kelly Miller

Bethlehem, PA