Suzy, Adopted 8/2011

Back in July 2011, we had to do the terrible chore of putting our 13 year old friend to sleep.  We were devastated and thought no more. We can’t go through this again. After about a week, my husband and I felt so lonely and missed not having a dog in our lives. I began searching the internet and found Suzy. I looked at the pictures of her for a few days before making a decision to go and meet her. After completing the Adoption Application we were told she we could meet Suzy at Petco on Saturday. Once we saw her, it was love at first sight.  Plus she was the sweetest thing we had ever met. That was the beginning of a great friendship. She has turned out to be the most wonderful dog with only minimal training.  All she wants to do is please us. And she has won the hearts of my children and grandchildren.  I retired not long after we adopted her and we started walking everyday. She gives me a reason to go out and get some fresh air and exercise. We also visit the dog park and let her run around with the many friends she has made.

Suzy was about 32 lbs when we got her and approximately one year old.  She is now 55 lbs and such a beauty.  She is a couch potato in the evening, sits next to me and just wants to be petted.  We are so glad that we rescued her and invited her into our lives.  Everyone should rescue – these dogs are so grateful.