Janie, Adopted 10/2011

When we looked into adopting a beagle we heard lots of stories about the classic hound howl but as it turned out our little Janie is a very quiet beagle.  She will occasionally make her voice heard but it is a rare moment indeed.  For the most part we love our affectionate playful little girl but her quietness did lead to one issue.  When Janie wanted to relieve herself outside she sometimes had a hard time letting us know.  One day I wrapped one of the Christmas tree bell ornaments around the patio door handle and started ringing it every time I opened or closed the door.  Janie caught on very quickly, and so did we.   You could say she trained us to know when she wants to go outside just as we trained her to “go” outside.  We are all pretty happy that Janie has a bell to use rather than a bark.

Raising a dog is a new experience for our family.  We are learning a lot daily and have fallen more love with our rescue beagle.  Janie, now 8 months old, seems to be pretty happy about the adoption too.