Booth, Adopted 2011

I just wanted to drop you guys a line a little over a year and a half later after we adopted Booth from you guys. He has been the love of my life since I saw him! He is the most cuddly dog I have ever come across. All he wants to do is lay with you, or on your lap. He is such a happy, sweet boy. He and our other beagle Bailey are the best of friends now. Poor Booth has developed seizures which we are working with his medications, and any time anything is wrong with him, Bailey is right there. She wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me something is wrong, or runs to get me and barks until I see what is happening (we have started calling her lassie) and always has to check him over and give him kisses when he feels better. We couldn’t have gotten a better dog for our family. He is always, I mean always wagging his tail! He makes us smile every day. Thank you so much for getting us together with him, our family would not be complete without him! I have attached a picture, Booth is the one closer to the camera with the blue collar on.