Carly, Adopted 2008

In 2008, my husband and I just fell in love with a 40 pound solid black puppy who just stood between my legs and begged for attention.  We went home, talked about it and applied for her.  A few days later, Carly joined out home and made us a two dog household.  No one was really sure how old she was but she was a sweet dog who just loved life.  She grew to be an 85 pound dog who thinks she’s a smaller dog. She is a lap dog and is incredibly patient with humans and dogs.  We kept bringing her back to visit on adoption days and were asked to consider fostering.  She is the one who got us into fostering dogs.  We have fostered over 30 dogs in the last two and a half years. Carly is so good with the dogs, even the puppy who used to like riding around attached to Carly’s neck! We also were a foster failure and adopted Carly’s best friend, a coonhound mix named Daisy. The two of them make fostering easy since they teach the dogs what is acceptable in our home. Adopting and fostering were two of the best decisions we even made!