Snowball, Adopted 7/2010 and Sasha, Adopted 12/2010

My husband and I decided to adopt a few months after moving in together. He had an older Chihuahua, also a rescue, and I had a younger Pug. We both wanted a little friend and playmate for our Pug since our old Chi was more of a lapdog and didn’t like to play much anymore. Initially, we were interested in another dog but when we went to adoption day and saw how cute and playful Snowball (the white one) was, we immediately changed our minds. Snowball joined our little family and instantly became my Pugs best friend and, most surprisingly, my old Chihuahua’s favorite playmate. (Mind you, he’s over 10 years old and now loves to wrestle). At adoption day, however, we had also met Snowball’s mom, Sasha—previously known as Wally. For some reason, I couldn’t get her out of my mind and I would periodically check to see if she had been adopted. Finally, after seeing that she was still up for adoption five months after having adopted her son, I told my husband that we had to give this little girl a forever home too. Snowball and Sasha are two of the cutest, craziest, sweetest, most hyper little dogs we have ever had, and we love them both to pieces. They have brought so much joy to our family with their silliness and nonstop kisses! In the attached photo they are doing one of their favorite things—people watching (and barking) out the window.